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Whats your story?

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Hello, My name is Bren. I have lots of things to tell you. My hope is that it will encourage you to be positive and live your life to the fullest. To not focus on the past but to look to the future. Me? well I am in the process of doing just that. I am hoping to share my story bit by bit with you and hear yours too. Maybe we can encourage each other. No matter what our past is, no matter how much baggage we carry, no matter what we have done, its time to over come! I have had a taste of all of it. Sin, sickness, betrayal, love, and lots more. I will post when I can, and I hope to pass along my story and what I am doing to change my life. In the mean time, just a tid bit about me. I have been married for over 32 years. I have 4 wonderful adult kids, and as of today 3 beautiful grandchildren. My favorite verse in the Bible is Revelation 20:15. Go check it out.

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