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Change is real if you want it.


"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."~ Rumi

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Welcome to ThingsByBren

Brenda Ring Wood

Bren has been an entrepreneur since high school. She has seen some hard times and has survived cancer and other life struggles. She is a biologist who turned her challenges into a need for change. She is an artist, a speaker, and an author that made the necessary changes to achieve the success that others only dream of. Success isn't about money. It's about overcoming challenges and knowing true happiness. 

Stepping up to be the person you want to be, changing your actions, and your thoughts, and encouraging others to do it with you.

She is the founder of the Becoming the Best You Movement and the BTBY TV Talk show.

She is now changing lives through her Becoming the Best You Movement #BTBY and sharing encouraging stories of overcoming on her #BTBY TV TALK SHOW.

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Blue Skies

      Speaking Services

Other Services

  • Motivational 

  • Emcee

  • Teaching/Educational

  • Retreats

  • Ministry

  • Leadership

  • How to sell yourself, your business, your product and retain customers and employees

  • Link to the 10/22 Mastermind and my session on sales.

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Website Creation and Branding

  • Marketing and Sales training

  • Marketing and Promotion of your services

  • Event facilitator

  • Business Strategy and growth Consulting 

  • Speaker Agent

  • I can pair you with a coach if you need one. I have an arsenal of qualified coaches in our network in many different areas;

    • Finance​

    • Relationships Counseling

    • Life

    • Health

    • Business

    • ReEntry

    • Life after Prison

  • Speaker Training in person or virtual

  • Assist in Reentry Coaching (Prisoners coming back into society that need help adjusting.  Or who have been out for a while and need that extra push to become the best version of themselves.)

Youth and School Services

  • Student assemblies on:

    • Choices​

    • Being the difference

    • Bullying

    • Motivation

    • Thinking about their future

    • Graduation ceremonies

  • Teacher/Faculty Training

  • Colleges

  • ​Public Schools

  • For more info go to


I am a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker.  I custom fit speaking  to teach, influence, and/or motivate audiences on the subjects you want to communicate.

  • ​Emcee - Let me be the Master of Ceremonies for you.  I bring the energy and engagement to any event.  I know how to command the room and get the desired results.

  • Women's Ministry - Educational and uplifting talks to inspire, teach and grow your faith.  I can speak as the keynote, Emcee it or facilitate it. 

  • Motivational - Transformational messages to motivate and get you moving in the right direction.  I am speaker that makes you think.  I get you asking questions to yourself, and take the blinders off. I am a growth speaker and a change maker.

  • Teaching/Encouragement - Educational classed on the subject of your choice

  • ​Story Telling - Includes telling your story or my story which you can hear and sample my speaking by searching my site.  I get you relating your life to the story I am telling. 

  • I train people on how to increase their sales and retention of customers and employees. I speak and train in the board room, class room, office staff, School and Colleges - I speak to students about make smart decisions and that they even at their young age have a value and a purpose. 


I am a published Author.  I love to write fiction.  It is my leisure time and my escape from the real world.

My 1st book, Restitution, was published in 2020.  I now have 6 books published and 2 more in the works.

All books can be purchased on Amazon and some here on the site.  I write fiction novels to escape the real world and love to create enjoyment for others.  

However the book When the Truth Hunts You Down is the story about me and my why I do what I do.


Restitution (Fiction Thriller Novel)

The Cloak (Fiction Horror Novel)

When the Truth Hunts You Down (My Story)

You are unstoppable, Its never to late (Coauthored with others)

Stepping up and stepping out:  How do you show up (Coauthored with with others)

Becoming the Better You: The World is Ready


I learned to draw in a very unusual setting. My style is unique, and I can transform your photos into an Artistic Keepsake that make great gifts or treasures. 

You can learn all about where and how I learned to draw by exploring my site and following my blog.


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