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My Past and Why I Do What I Do

Why BTBY Exists

Some one once created a site about me and my past out of hate.  Hate is a scary place.  There is a lot about me on the internet.  A lot of it is true.  And some of it is not true. The old me would have been upset that this site was out there.  I would have reacted and responded differently digging in even deeper. The new me?  I embrace it.  I always encourage others to google me.  I don't hide it.  I tell it.  This site was meant to destroy me.  But hear this, when you are living in God's word the way you should be....No Weapons Formed Against you shall Prosper. 

To whomever did this?  Thank you.  It is now nicely packaged and all in one spot so that the world can see it.  Because this is God's story it brings Him the glory not me. I linked the sire to this site but as time went on they didn't renew the domain and it was taken down. However, the scripture that was on it is true. Wickedness and evil need to be exposed.  I was exposed.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me. This was many years ago.  But the truth is out there, and I am thankful for it.  It verifies 2 things that are important to me.  Now some time has passed and the site is no longer around. They could resurrect it any time. If that happens, I will link it hear like I did the last one.  It is a great reminder of why change is so needed and a constant battle. 

1st and foremost:


I am a child of God and His discipline proves I am His. The chastening of the hand proves true for me.  It proves that everything I have ever read in the Bible is true. If I wasn't His, I wouldn't have been disciplined and doing what I am doing now.  It proves I am LOVED.


It validates that I am living in my purpose.  That CHANGE is REAL and can happen for anyone that wants it.  Here is the thing though.  You have to want it.

Do YOU want it?


Listen to part of my story below

No one can take away your experience, knowledge and education. 

I have a past.  I am upfront and encourage people to look into it.   I tell people about it. I was a horrible person that did some really bad things. I was miserable, I was fighting cancer, and I was fighting God.  I was acting outside of my character and definitely not in integrity. It caused me to hurt people including my family.  

I was charged with 26 counts of illegal activity and although some of them were true and some were not, I was guilty of so much more.  I deserved what I got and so more.  

I was a believer living deep in sin.  I was living a double life. So deep in fact , I didn't know who I was anymore. I hated myself and who I had become. I was so buried that I couldn't get myself out. 

But God did. You see this isn't my story It is God's Story. 

For many it is a past that will haunt them forever.  For me it is a foundation to be and do better each day. 

The Truth Will Set You Free

Revelation 20:15 is my favorite verse. 

For anyone's name not written in the Book of Life was Cast into the Lake of Fire. 

Why?  I know my name is in that book.  Everything that has transpired around that period of time in my life proves that I am saved from that lake of fire. 

I get to share my story and let it help others get their name in the Book of Life. 

Our #1 purpose on earth is to Glorify God.

I named my Book  "When the Truth Hunts You Down" because the truth always surfaces. No matter how you hide it, or try to erase it, it always comes out.  So I wrote about it.  The book is full of church hurt, betrayal and how I changed my mindset to get through it.  What I didn't tell you is that I too betrayed people, and caused hurt. I decided I needed to change.  I put God first, my Family 2nd, and everything else after that. It took years, not weeks or months, but years to change.  That is why I am called the Professor of Change. I experienced a love so real from God, He showed me what I needed to do and was there with me every step of the way through it.  

I did 4 years in the Federal Correction System.  I have now been out longer that I have been in, and although I don't ever want to go back, I am glad I went.  

I was exposed and left naked for the world to see.  It still gives me grief to this day.  Some still hate me for it, some love me, but most importantly God's story is revealed through it.  I am not the focus of the story, Jesus is. I am the product of change through the love of Christ. Living the life I was meant to have.  It is my gift and we are supposed to share out gifts. 

I had the faith of a mustard seed and He moved my mountains. Jesus did that.  The Bible tells us when you hid His word in your heart it will be revealed to you when you need it.   That was true for me.  It was that hidden word in my heart that got me through prison.  I was released 34 months early.  When true change and repentance happened.  God happened and He opened my cage and set me free.  Now I inspire others to change.  I can still use my past life's experience in  business, operations, sales, marketing, running a business and many other things to help others. But more importantly I can show them how to achieve true change and have the life they want no matter what is behind them.  I can teach you change no matter what is holding you back.  

You don't have to physically be in a jail cell to be incarcerated. Did you hear that?

Are ready for change?  This is the single reason why I started the Becoming the Best YOU Movement.  People deserve to have the right to change their life if they want to.  I give them the help and the encouragement they need to do it.  

Change is real.  Are. you ready?

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My Past led me to do #BTBY and #BTBY TV
and NOW
From Felon to Fabulous TV

Here are some of my favorite episodes:

For More Episodes go to our BTBY YouTube Chanel:

Law Students

Because of my Past.  I will be speaking in colleges around the country to students in law school who want to be attorneys in the criminal justice system.

I will be speaking to students who want to practice on both sides of the law. The ones who want to be defense attorneys and the ones who want to be, prosecutors. I have designed a program with a purpose that will help these students when they represent their clients on both sides of the Law.

Use what you know and do what you love. If there are any College admins out there let me know and I will send you the program.

I am slated to start in 2023.

Give God the Glory! Because it is His Story.

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