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Don't Quit Keep Going

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

It's a new year, the holidays are over, and life begins again. All the glitz and hype are gone and you are now left with reality. Come on now it hits us all. The bills from Christmas are coming in, and you need gas to get to work at a job you hate, payday is still a week away and that money is already spent.

I get like that too. Even in the good times, something triggers me to get in my head and let my emotions take over. It is hard out here. You feel you are alone and things are never going to turn the corner.

Then something comes on the radio or a friend calls out of the blue and says just the right thing not even knowing how you are feeling. You read a post, or book and the words are speaking to you.

That is by no coincidence. If you are living in your purpose and trying to get to that place where you do what you love full-time, and earn a decent pay doing it, don't give up. A job is just a job that pays the bills, but a job within your purpose now that, it is a life!

This goes for me as well. You see this morning I was just thinking to myself. This is hard. Is it worth it? With your skills, experience, and work ethic you can easily go to work for a major company and make lots of money. I mean a lot of money. I get offers all the time. Even with a past. They see my value and what I can bring to the table FOR THEM. They see the money and growth I can bring in the door FOR THEM. We don't always see that in ourselves and that is when we want to quit.

But, I have to remember if I can do it for someone else, then I CAN DO IT FOR MYSELF and for the people I care about. Those moments when something comes on the radio, or words of encouragement can come out of nowhere, and a certain song's lyrics hit you? That is God telling you don't quit.

I was listening to Bott Radio this morning and I had about 5 min in my car and the broadcast was about quitting. It was about life and how hard it is and how easy it is to quit. Life throws things at you, it brings the heat and it smiles at you when you get down and then digs in even more. I turned that knob just in time to hear what I needed to hear. Just that little bit of the broadcast was God talking through that radio.

God told me through the words of the preacher this morning in my car that He has me right where He wants me. Don't quit. Keep going. Grant it there are things we should quit right away. Things like negativity, bad influences including people, bad habits, and that list can go on. But you will regret it if you quit what you should be doing and take the next exit because it is easier. You may have to change direction and take a different path to get there but you will be glad you decided to stick with it.

I was reminded in that message today just how much Becoming the Best You is needed. #BTBY was designed for this. I was reminded that I need it just as much as those we bring it to. That brokenness is where the healing is. That insecurity is where we find our value. The people we have in our circle are where we find our purpose. That fear is what brings us together and through that Brokenness, insecurity, and fear, we find our tribe, we find our people and we move forward together. We start to walk in our purpose and become the people we want to be and who we are intended to be.

God said to accept the challenge and let me be your leader. I said yes many years ago. He also reminded me that he did not let me out of prison 34 months early to quit on Him. He let me out to fill his purpose. To meet all of you and together we will make a difference.

When the word of God brings conviction, you better listen. Don't believe in God? That is your choice but this still applies to you. Don't give in to fear. Don't let doubt be your leader. Don't let your past stop you from having a great future. Use your experience to fuel you. Find what you like and do it. Don't quit. No matter what. Even if it's losing weight, becoming stronger, changing your circle, or your influences. Stick with it. Quitting is easy. The reward that comes when you quit is the should have, could have, and would have. But when you stay the course? The reward is Value, Purpose, Security, and Accomplishment.

Your choice, your life.

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