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Happy holidays! Be mindful of others and their needs this season.

Its not about the gifts. Remember The old saying its the thought that counts? Put yourself in someone else's situation and ask your self how would I respond or make due? Put yourself in someone less fortunate than your situation because no matter how bad you think yours is, there is always someone who is having a worse time.

I myself have hurt many people and been put in places I thought I would never be. I'm trying to mend fences and right some wrongs. Its not an easy task and until you have been on the other side of the fence, you might not understand. Examples? Well there are plenty. People in jail/prison. They still have needs and so does their family. They go through it with the person serving time.

Do you know

a family who has a loved one doing time? Reach out to them see if you can help. Sometimes just words of encouragement can make someone's day. Send a card to the person doing the time.

How about a military family who's head of household is overseas? It kind of the same. They are with out their family during the holidays. They need you!

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