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This show is amazing!

The Moxie experience!

The Moxie Experience host, Dr. Cosgrove, explores the lives of the world's most interesting people from accomplished entrepreneurs w/ a proven track record, celebrities & ordinary people with extraordinary lives, to world-renowned experts providing inspiration, motivation, and relevant information.

The first episode featured the writer and creator of the syndicated cartoon 'Baldo', & his journey from working a 9-5 job to becoming one of the few syndicated cartoonists whose strip is featured daily in newspapers nationwide, along with Garfield and many other greats.

Also featured was Carmen Marron, writer, filmmaker, and director. She shared her family's immigrant story and dream of making it to Hollywood. Everyone thought the dream was too big and impossible to reach. Yet, her first movie was purchased by LIONSGATE, and featured on over 250 movie screens Nationwide!

About your host:

Dr. Cosgrove is an award-winning international speaker, accomplished entrepreneur, and author of 'Greater Fortune: Essential Lessons From the Entrepreneur Who Bought the Company that Fired Her."

She brings a unique perspective from her experience to small businesses and corporations.

She's worked with some of the most recognizable Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx & Sprint.

Her background of being born into poverty to a mentally disabled single mom and persevering through a turbulent childhood and abusive marriage; plus raising four children on her own while struggling to make it in the business world, taught her to not only survive but turn her experiences of adversity into advantage.

Today, Dr. Cosgrove owns several companies, her flagship company develops, designs, and manufactures diagnostic & treatment devices to help doctors treat patients like her mom who've had a traumatic brain injury, concussions, and other central nervous system disorders. Over 1.5 million patients have been helped to date.

Dr. Cosgrove shares lessons and actionable strategies to help you find your greater fortune thru lectures, workshops, and the podcasts she hosts, 'The Moxie Experience"

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