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Safe in His Arms

Carmen Marron is speaking in being a Christian in a Hollywood

Here is her bio:

Filmmaking became an aspiration for Carmen while she was working as a guidance counselor for high-risk elementary school children in Phoenix, AZ. Carmen’s vision was to write and direct stories with underdog characters that youth all over the world could relate to and be inspired. Go For It! sold out at festivals from coast to coast and won four Audience Awards. The New York Times hailed the movie as “an unpretentious rite-of- passage drama, thanks to the supple script and capable direction of Carmen Marron, the force behind “Go For It!” It also launched Gina Rodriguez’s (Jane The Virgin) film career.

Marrón’s second feature that she wrote and directed, ENDGAME (inspirational) premiered on HBO. It stars Rico Rodriguez (Modern Family) and Justina Machado (One Day At A Time) and was based on true events about struggling middle-school students in Brownsville, Texas. She spent months researching the story and capturing the community’s values and how they overcame hardships. Indiewire’s Latinobuzz named Carmen as “one of five Latina Directors at the helm of breaking films in 2016.”

In March 2019, Carmen made her TV directorial debut on Oprah Winfrey’s hit series

QUEEN SUGAR (OWN Channel), from Ava DuVernay. In 2020, Carmen sold and wrote her

pilot, RX, for ABC Studios. It was based on her experience as a pharmaceutical rep. In

2021, Carmen directed the season six premiere of QUEEN SUGAR and is currently in the

process of pitching other drama pilots, including a pilot that she recently wrote/directed in

the Dominican Republic.

In the Fall of 2022, Carmen will direct an inspirational feature, CARMEN & BOLUDE, in

Australia that is based on true events. Through her own company, Sparkhope Productions,

Carmen has focused her career on directing compelling, character-driven stories that

inspire humanity. Her work has been distributed by HBO, Warner Bros, Lionsgate, Starz,

ABC, Netflix and Showtime.

With a BA of Science (DePaul University) and an MA in Educational Psychology (University of Arizona), Carmen has been an international guest speaker for the US State Department promoting public diplomacy in Latin American countries through her work in Cinema and Education. She currently resides in LA. She is also a member of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in DC.

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