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Things to remember

Today was a little chillier than normal for fall so pulled out my favorite

hat! My all time favorite hat! And on it was a little turtle pin! I collect pins. And this particle turtle was a pair. I found them at a thrift store as a matched set. So I put it on my hat. I usually put pins on my hats. My sis in law, whom I love dearly, liked my pin so I took it off and gave it it to her. So now that pin is Brazil. We just happened to be in New New City on Vacation together when I was wearing that hat. So now we both have the same turtle and I think of here every time I see a turtle and especially when I see that turtle. Trinkets sometimes seem meaningless unless they are given in love to represent someone or something when they are not with them or any situation deemed fit for the need. This particular situation is for each of is to take a piece of our hearts with us. We live in different countries. we have since high school.

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