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Warning religious controversy

I get asked a lot about my past. I still get condemned for it. That's ok. I deserve it. I was a horrible person. The thing is what I went down for....there could have been so much more. What I went through, caused by my own actions, is the very reason why I do what I do today. It changed my life for the better. I needed to change. We tend to judge others and not look at ourselves. Here is the thing though.....I don't live there anymore. I am not that person anymore.

In Christ I am a new creature. Let my actions today prove that, not what happened so many years ago. Let Christ prove He can and does change people. If you don't believe that than you may want to rethink what it is you believe in.

I often speak about this very thing from the stage in many different environments. So let's start your mind thinking....Let me ask you this......

Do you believe that Mother Teressa could be in Hell and Hitler in a Heaven?

No hateful comments please it is just a discussion.

I will explain my question in a bit

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